Make the Most of Your Wedding Weekend

You won't find amenities like ours anywhere else

What is it that makes a wedding at Leatherberry Oaks Weddings in Aquilla, Texas different? We aim to set ourselves apart from the hurry-up, one-day venues. We provide accommodations and options that you won't find at your average wedding location.

Get the special treatment you deserve on your wedding weekend. Call 254-205-5406 now to speak with one of our wedding planning pros.

5 Things You Can't Have at a One Day Venue

One-day wedding venues can make your special day feel stressful and rushed. We offer things those hurry-up venues don't, including:

  1. Barn + Destination. A wedding so relaxed and unburdened by the clock that it truly feels like not just a family reunion, but a family union
  2. A true on-site rehearsal during the rehearsal dinner
  3. The Bride's Suite. A cozy bed to awaken in on-site, on the day of your wedding. Comfortably accomodates up to 8 bridesmaids
  4. The Love Shack. Tucked away in a secluded corner across the seasonal creek. The newest husband and wife for miles around can enjoy the first night of their honeymoon in the cozyest little cottage on the property
  5. An intimate send-off brunch the Sunday after the wedding. Enjoy a leisurely goodbye at the same great barn that welcomed everyone the night before

Above-all, our wedding venue provides a stress-free weekend for the bride and groom, so you can actually enjoy your special day. Schedule a consultation with a wedding planner at Leatherberry Oaks Weddings, serving Aquilla, Texas and the Fort Worth / Dallas and Austin areas.